Email Platform Checklist

1. Identification: Gatekeepers of a subscriber's inbox or ISP determine whether you are using a set of standard protocols (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF)).

2. Reputation: Reputation is your domain's score which specifies your level of trustworthiness as a sender. It is indicated on the basis of your blacklist listings, bounce rates, complaint rates, and email volume.

3. Content: The quality of your content has a significant effect on whether or not your email will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox. Emails with spammy subject lines, unusual formatting or suspicious URLs trigger ISPs to confirm the content. Your content must be high-quality and relevant to your subscriber's wants/needs.

Your reputation is the next factor in deliverability. This is calculated based on how trustworthy your emails are to subscribers and a number of factors, including whether your IP has been blacklisted or reported as spam. Additionally, the percentage of bounces in your email list and engagement level of your subscribers matters, too.

ESPs will actually quantify subscriber engagement with your emails to determine whether your message is trustworthy. In particular, ESPs will look at:

  • Emails opened (and time spent reading);

  • Emails forwarded and replied to (a positive indicator of engagement);

  • Emails deleted before reading or marked as spam (a negative indicator of engagement).


  • SPF

  • DKIM


  • BIMI

  • TLS

  • Reverse DNS

Feedback Loops

  • Google Postmaster

  • Microsoft SDNS

  • Verizon Postmaster

  • ReturnPath SPF CFL

  • Comcast DKIM CFL

  • Yahoo DKIM CFL

  • Blacklist Monitoring

  • DMARC Reporting

Reporting and Analytics

  • Filter/Flag Robots generated events

  • Segment by Inbox Domains:, Verizon, Microsoft, Comcast, Cox and iCloud and everything else

  • Segment by Inbox Mail Servers

  • Segment by Inbox Client

  • Integrate Email metrics (open/clicks) with onsite activity (landings and submissions)

  • Integrate with UTM parameter reporting (not necessarily Google Analytics)

Sender Score?