Email Message Checklist

Subject line

  • Is it actionable

  • Does it elicit a sense of immediacy

  • Is it relevant to what's inside

  • Is it as brief as it can be


  • Is it unique

  • Is it personalized

  • Does it use your brand voice

Body copy

  • Is your offer clear

  • Does it have a single, straightforward message

  • Is it concise, concrete, and specific

  • Is it relevant to the audience

  • Is it reflective of the subject line


  • Is it mobile-friendly

  • Does it stick to the brand

  • Is it simple and creative

  • Does it catch the eye with relevant GIFs or images


  • Is there there a pre-header that bridges the subject and body copy

  • WCAG 2.1 Compliant?

  • Gmail Annotations needed?

  • Minimized use of tables

  • CSS for optional styling only


Is there a clear CTA

Does it summarize the topic

Is it personalized

SPAM Checks

  • As SPAM Keyword pr